An Extensive Article On Online Gambling Superstitions

Superstition plays an important role in online casino. MMC 996 Malaysia Though many people believe that the game is about strategy and right tactic but luck matters a lot in this game. Luck might not be involved in playing card as it requires decision making but it is surely involved in the spinning of the roulette wheel and slot machines.

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For some people, superstitions are irritational beliefs while for others they are crucial in playing casino. As a result, many intelligent people lose game on the basis of irrational believes. Enjoy reading about various superstitions that are involved in gambling business. The true meaning of superstitions or the logical reason behind superstitions has lost in the mists of time. The most common superstition is crossing fingers. Many people cross their fingers when they wish for a certain outcome in gambling. It is believed that back in the days, people use the cross-finger sign to ward off the witches. So, this superstition of crossing fingers is illogical.

The next superstition is blowing of the dice. Again, this is a very common superstition that people perform till date before throwing in the dice. This superstition is not feasible in online casinos. As the dice is thrown automatically and is operated by software. But in land-based casinos, players often do this ritual before throwing the dice. Players claim to get good luck after blowing the dice, which pretty much doesn’t make any sense. The origin of this superstition is somewhat logical. Historians believe that the dice was blown in order to blow any dirt on the side of the dice before throwing it. On the other hand, some people believe that in earlier times, gamblers use to coat something sticky on the side of the dice which when blown on use to activate it.

Either way both the origins are irrelevant in online casinos. Another famous superstition that goes beyond the casino games is knocking on the wood. In terms of superstition, this is a widely accepted superstition by many people to ward off bad luck. Even in online casinos, players knock on the wood before starting to play so that there is no back luck. The origin of this superstition is from literal wood tree. According to catholic Christians, knocking on wood symbolizes paying homage to Jesus Christ who died on wooden stick whereas in Chinese casino business, number eight is considered lucky.

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The last globally acknowledged superstition is number thirteen. It is no surprise that number 13 is on our superstition list. Although, there are many origin stories related to this superstition. In gambling, players believe that any combination of number thirteen or card number thirteen will bring them bad luck. If you are a gambler, and you are wondering about superstitions, then it is clear that they all are irrelevant and illogical. Gambling requires instincts, guts and right decision making. In online casinos, many superstitions are worthless. As the entire game is automated and operated by general automatic software.

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